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We serve as Advocates for the Parkinson's community, provide access to a phone Helpline, contribute to PD research, provide respite care, host educational lunch meetings, and work to build awareness in the community through a variety of events, including a 5K run, Gala, and local TV appearances. .

PJ Parkinson’s Support Group’s recent contribution to the Mobile Meals program provided over 275 meals for homebound seniors with Parkinson’s disease in Knox County, allowing these four individuals to receive daily meals and safety checks for three months:


  • Mr. D is a 66 year old man with PD, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and chronic pain who lives by himself in North Knoxville. His family members live in another state, and he is unable to leave his home because of the pain it causes him to walk around. Since December, he now receives a daily visit from a Mobile Meals volunteer, allowing him to have in-person social interactions and support in addition to his daily meal.

  • Ms. B is 76 years old and lives with her disabled daughter in the Whittle Springs area. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, she was no longer able to cook or leave the home. Now, both she and her daughter can depend on a nutritious daily meal delivered to their door by a caring volunteer.

  • Ms. J is an 89 year old woman with PD who lives alone in her West Knoxville home. Because she has macular degeneration and regularly uses a walker to get around, she is at risk for falls. Now that she receives Mobile Meals, she has a trained volunteer checking on her daily to make sure she stays safe in her home.

  • Ms. S is a 72 year old widow who lives alone in Powell. She has many major health conditions in addition to PD and needs a little extra assistance with her daily meal delivery. Every day, her volunteer brings her meal to her in the home, assists in opening

Success is about progression, not perfection.
Even if the progress is slow, you'll get there.......just KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Our community is a place to give and receive practical and emotional support for people with Parkinson's disease and their care partners.

We gather to discuss concerns and share mutual experiences on all aspects of Parkinson's disease.  TOGETHER we are raising awareness of Parkinson's disease.


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