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Dance: A Case for Creative Expression and the Healing Power of Movement for Individuals Living with Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease is a neurodegenerative condition that effects both motor and non-motor functions, leading to changes in movement, balance and cognitive abilities. While traditional medical treatments may play a crucial role, the integration of art, particularly dance and movement programming, has emerged as having profound positive impact on gait, balance, cognitive abilities, and social interaction for those living with Parkinson's Disease.

Dance as an art form, has been an integral part of human culture throughout our existence. In addition to being a powerful avenue for self and emotive expression, dance has held historical and cultural stories for communities for centuries. Dance has been linked to improved memory skills, and a reduction in anxiety and depressive symptoms. Not only that, but dance and movement is reported to improve individuals' overall quality of life.

PJ Parkinson's Movement Program combines large and small movements with chair and balance bar accessibility options for stability and safety. Movements are combined with patterns and routines to create a mind-body connection throughout the class.

Studies have shown that dance in Parkinson's individuals in particular suggest that dance and movement may even slow motor symptoms beyond the positive impact on non-motor aspects of daily living.

PJ Parkinson's provides dance/movement at no cost to participants for individuals living with Parkinson's Disease, their family, caregivers, and those impacted by other movement disorders. PJ Parkinson's supports the integration of art forms and other holistic approaches to managing symptoms with the consent of individuals medical providers to encourage transformative impacts physically, and emotionally as well as fostering a sense of community.

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