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About Us

Pegg Johnson's Story


Founded in 2015 by German licensed physical therapist Isabell Senft-Daniel, PJ Parkinson's began as the fulfillment of a simple wish made by a patient struggling with Parkinson’s disease. Pegg Johnson, Ms. Senft-Daniel's long-time patient and friend, knew first-hand how isolating living with Parkinson's could be. She expressed her desire for a support group that would provide herself and other Parkinson's patients with a source of education, belonging, and community as they face the difficult journey ahead of them. 

Ms. Senft-Daniel was inspired by her patient's desire for connection with others battling Parkinson's, and organized the first ever Parkinson's support group meeting in Blount County. The overwhelming demand for this support network became immediately apparent, as there were upwards of 40 attendants on the  first day. Sadly, Peggy passed away shortly before the first meeting. The legacy of her vision is survived by the organization through its name — Pegg Johnson (PJ) Parkinson’s Support. 

PJ Parkinson's Support responds to the community need for education to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease and optimize communication between the physician and the patient during the treatment process. In 2016, in an effort to promote Parkinson's education, PJ Parkinson’s organized its first annual symposium for health care providers—a program designed as a continuing education event for all involved in the diagnosis and treatment processes. Once again, the overwhelming demand was evident by over 125 healthcare providers enrolling to attend the inaugural symposium. To this day, this event continues to be an inspiring and impactful event that brings together healthcare professionals and Parkinson's advocates from all over the world.

Today, PJ Parkinson’s Support continues to expand its reach through collaborations with other organizations seeking to help those affected by Parkinson’s, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Our services now include providing meals, respite care, free movement classes, referral sources, and educational seminars for health care providers, caregivers, and family members of those living with Parkinson's disease. PJ Parkinson’s offers a variety of support groups throughout the Greater Knoxville area, including a Young Onset group and a Care Partner group. Our programs collectively seek to improve the lives of all who are touched by Parkinson's disease, and to provide a safe and supportive community for those navigating diagnosis and treatment. 

The continued success of our organization is only possible through the combined efforts of all who support our cause. The overwhelmingly positive outcomes we continue to witness for so many in our community is a constant reminder that, in the battle against Parkinson's disease... 

...We Are Stronger Together!

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