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Logo design: Kristine Arth,

A joint international collaboration project

Our project has been born during one of our first virtual support group meetings. Many people from different countries asked to join our virtual support group to share how COVID and Parkinson's affect in different countries. To show solidarity and unity, we decided to record an uplifting song to raise awareness for Parkinson's disease. We had been able to get two producers, one from NYC and one from the UK, excited about this unique project. We sent out a description on how to record the song at home with a kind of karaoke version of the rewritten song "Three little birds" by Bob Marley.


We had been able to win the songwriter and producer Philip Hamilton from NYC and the producer Will Ford from the UK for our project. After only four weeks, we had been able to launch the video in the UK, Germany, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, New Zealand, USA, India, Austria, Mexico, Brazil, France, China, Canada, Japan, and more.

Since launching, the video went viral around the world. The super logo was donated from Lobster Phone Agency in San Francisco.

All proceeds from the t-shirts and face masks will go to third world country Parkinson's projects, which participated in the recording.

The next music video is already in the planning. This time, we will get all the Neurologists, nurses and therapists singing a song that was exclusively written for us by the songwriter/producer Glenn Reid from Canada.

The goal of this collaboration is to raise awareness for Parkinson's disease and share the positive attitude of the Parkinson's community. One World-One Voice!

Please look at our partner organizations around the world:

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