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Covid-19 vaccination

We got many questions in the last couple of weeks regarding the Covid-19 vaccination and the pro/contra for people with Parkinson's. I hope the following article will convince you to go forward and get your vaccination as soon as possible. Here the official statement of the Movement Disorder Society:


To address aspects of COVID-19 vaccination particularly concerning our population of patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD), the available data indicate:

1. The approved mRNA-based vaccines and the vector vaccines under development induce immunization through mechanisms that do not interact with the neurodegenerative process in PD. With respect to the associated inflammation in the pathogenesis of PD as we understand it today, there is no evidence of any interaction with the immune response to these vaccines.

2. The reported Phase III data of the approved vaccines showed that the types or incidence of side effects in patients with PD have not been different than in the general population.

3. Similar to reactions to other immunizations, COVID-19 vaccination does not interfere with the current therapies of PD.

4. As some of our patients may be part of the first groups in the current vaccination programs because of their age, residency in nursing homes, or other reasons related to PD disabilities, more data will be available in the near future for further analysis of the impact of these vaccines on PD.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Prepared by Stella Papa on behalf of the SIC, Chris Goetz and MDS leadership

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