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Fill your Holidays with Kindness

When we think about the holidays, we often overthink the importance of fancy dinners, fancy gifts, or get stressed about unimportant things.

Let's start with Kindness, be kind to yourself!

Research had shown how practicing kindness helps to boost satisfaction and prevents illness.

Let's practice Compassion

Many people are not doing well over the Holidays. Stop by your neighbors and friends and check on them.

Let's practice Gratitude

The Holidays can be happy and fun for many, for some it can be really difficult. Show your gratitude and give back-it can be rewarding and you can make somebody's day!

Let's practice Forgiveness

Practicing forgiveness can increase your self-esteem and boost your inner strength.

IMPACT of PJ Parkinson's in 2021

-13,605 people engage with PJ Parkinson's in 2021

-972 meals got delivered to families affected by Parkinson’s disease in 2021

-300 hours of respite care got provided in 2021

-31 online support group meetings with average of 8 people 248 people

-28 support meetings live since August

-1693 volunteer hours in 2021 so far

-over 300 phone calls on our helpline

Thanks for supporting our mission to make life better for families affected by Parkinson's disease, here at home!

If you would like to support our important work, please consider a small donation. All your donations are Tax deductible.

Just click the link below to donate

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Nov 05, 2022

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